Because You Deserve A Better Choice

The Dancer • The Geek • The Poet • The Rock Star • The Nerd • The Free-Spirit • The Scholar • The Gamer • The Baller • The Baddest Cat on the Field • The ‘Kill-Shot’ on the Court • The Artist • The Actor • The Chef • The Maestro • The Story-Teller • The Scientist • The Runner • The Cheerleader • The Gymnast • The Swimmer • The Adventurer • The Horse Whisperer • The Explorer

We all have something to say.
Solarview Seniors gives you a better way to say it.

Solarview Seniors

Our Portrait Art creations are inspired from the visual world we live in. Movies. Magazines. Music. From the ‘Golden Age’ of Hollywood, to the most current looks of today, we draw from it all to capture your style. Our approach can best be described as ‘Cinematic’ photography. Or as our clients like to say, “It‘s looks like a scene from a movie!”.

Before we shoot our first frame, we will discuss with you, what you like, and what your interests are. Your images can be all about your favorite sport, your favorite hang-out, or simply how you like to dream. Solarview Studios lets you decide the type of shoot that we will create for you. The clothes, the style, the look, the location. And if you don’t have an idea in your back pocket, no worries, we have tons of them. We’ll create it together. With our unique cinematic touch, we will help you celebrate your individuality. After all, that is what your Senior year is really all about, defining your story.

Creating our art is a joy for us here at Solarview Studios. And we are truly honored by the opportunities that our clients give us, allowing us to share in their special moments. And we strive our best, to create beautiful works of art, for them and their loved ones to treasure always.

We look forward to hearing from you. Enjoy your Senior year!!