Sports Portrait and Action Photography, Taken to the Next Level.

Stunning Original Designs by Artist-Photographer, Sol Sims.
Only a limited number of teams accepted each season.
Call early to secure your spot. Contact for pricing and details

Teams ‘Sports Art’ Banner Designs

‘Senior’ Banner Designs

Athlete Banner Design

‘Program’ Cover Art

Athlete Banner Design

Solarview Collage Art

Sports Art Collage

Our unique cinematic touch brings ‘movie poster’ styled artwork to you and your team.
All designs used by Solarview Sports, are originals created by your artist, Sol Sims. These are not designs you’ll be seeing coming from your yearbook folks.

Most of our Teams simply say "Just do something cool!", and Sol then does the rest.
But if you have a really cool or fun idea that you’d like to try, let’s talk. This is a customized ‘Sports Art’ experience.

We look forward to hearing from you!