~ A Little About Us ~

Sol & Colleen Sims

Thank You for stopping by and sharing our creative vision.

Solarview Studios is the creation of the Husband and Wife team of Sol and Colleen Sims. Sol's creative expression has taken many forms over the years: musician, singer, songwriter and lyricist, painter, digital artist and photographer. As an Artist, he believes there is an intrinsic value to knowing the disciplines of any type of art form. But he also believes that one’s personal voice can best be heard when the artist is striving to know when and where to break those rules. It’s then, that an artist can truly find his voice.

Colleen is Sol’s life partner, his inspiration, and his “muse”.
A wonderful photographer in her own right, Colleen is often there to assist Sol on his Portrait Sessions,
helping in the creative process.

Sol and Colleen are both huge movie fans. And they bring that love for cinema into their shoots, and to the images that they create. They refer to this look as ‘Cinematic Photography’. Or as their Clients will often say, “It looks like a scene from a movie!”. And yes, as you can imagine, it’s a lot of fun creating these types of images. And can often make a session, just a bit of an adventure.
Have fun. Make Art. How cool is that?! You should really join us sometime. Let's make some art together!

Creating our art is a joy for us here at Solarview Studios. And we are truly honored by the opportunities that our clients give us. To share in their special moments. And to create beautiful works of art, for them and their loved ones, to treasure always.

We hope to hear from you soon.
So we can tell Your Story, as Art.