~ Artist Statement ~


My paintings are intended to capture a moment.
Maybe a feeling. Or an emotion.
Or maybe just an inspiration of whimsy.
Capturing a moment, that is often part of a larger story. Sometimes it is the character’s story.
Sometimes it might be a piece of my own story. Or it could even be a piece of your story.
In today's world, the lines between digital and traditional mediums have largely faded away.
And this allows for a new look at the world around us.
A new vision. New ways of approaching art.
A fusion of the old and the new, that has opened unlimited doors to the creative process.
To capture the world around us as we see it.
And to capture the world around us as we would like to see it.
Releasing the imagination.
Capturing moments as they reveal themselves.
Capturing the moments of love, of passion, of the struggle, of the drama that is life.
And then to blur the lines between them.
Capturing an artistic vision.
Capturing Imagination’s Moment.

- Sol Sims

~ Artist Process ~


My “process”, simply put, is to use whatever resources are in my tool box. Whatever is needed to complete the vision.
As an artist, I tend to work by a general guiding rule of, “There Are No Rules”.
My paintings are usually a combination of both traditional and digital mediums. And my works are often influenced by my love of photography and cinema, having been a Portrait Photographer for many years. Some works may start with a simple thumbnail drawing of an idea. But then may evolve to a complete photo session, photographing a model in studio, or out on location. I will then use this ‘life’ reference, as a visual guide, for both pose and lighting. It really is simply a matter of wherever the inspirations takes me.
As for the “tools” in my toolbox. Of late, I have been doing a lot of reconnecting to my roots of traditional mediums, including Oils and Acrylics. more of that will be debuting soon. But most of the works currently presented in these galleries are actually created, working almost exclusively with my iPad Pro, and the amazing Apple Pencil. My favorite drawing and painting software, is the award-winning app, ‘Procreate’. These basic tools allow me to draw and paint almost anywhere, at most any time. Which is just a very, very cool thing. I will also incorporate different combinations of desktop softwares if an idea needs it. This may include Corel Painter, Photoshop, and even dabble a bit in DAZ 3D for lighting and posing references. Simply put, if I feel they can add to the completion of my vision, then there are no rules.

If we take, for example, the artwork “Dolphin Dance”. It was painted 100% on my iPad Pro, with the final color-balancing and print-adjustments being completed in Photoshop. It was then printed, with archival inks, onto canvas, and then mounted to hardboard. It then gets hand-embellished, with pigminted and clear acrylic mediums, to it's final completion. This version is then documented, numbered and signed as a final ‘Limited Edition’ Wall Art.
Most all of the titles you will see in the galleries are also available as Limited Edition pieces.

Thank you, and Enjoy!